What makes the quartz countertops price per square foot so different?

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Modern home decoration is inseparable from the selection of stone, which is favored by people in the architectural decoration market. Regarding the purchase of cabinet countertops, manufactured quartz countertops rank first. But clients who have bought quartz stone countertops counter the same trouble: there are a growing list of quartz countertop brands, and the price of engineered stone brands varies greatly. For example, the quartz countertops price per square foot ranges from 200 RMB to 4,000 RMB.

Man made quartz countertops are synthesized from quartz crystals and resin, of which the quartz content is generally marked as about 93%. The most inexpensive quartz countertop is priced at only 200 RMB per meter, while the imported man made countertops is priced at 3,000 RMB per meter, including material fees, processing fees, and installation fees, etc. But, what makes quartz countertop brand price comparison so different? The reasons are list below. Let’s reach out to learn about it!

What makes the quartz countertops price per square foot so different?

1. Quartz stone has high hardness

After the working procedure of vacuum die-casting, oven heating and curing, and more than 30 high-speed water grinding and polishing, quartz stone is synthesized by quartz crystal and resin, which has high hardness. While many unscrupulous merchants replace it with artificial stone that is composed with natural crushed stone and resin synthesis by using pouring production technology. It’s hard to recognize artificial stone and engineered quartz from the appearance, but the hardness differs. This is one of the reasons for the price difference of quartz stone on the market.

2. Quartz stone is safe and environmentally friendly

The raw material of quartzite plate is a new type of decorative stone made of crystalline silicon dioxide under high temperature and high pressure. It is non-toxic, non radiation, and has no harm to human body. It is safe and environmentally friendly. It is listed as green decorative stone by the state. It is higher than the general artificial stone and natural stone in terms of product characteristics, environmental health and use value. This is also the reason why the price of quartz is higher than that of other natural stones.

3. Quartz slab price depends on the material

The raw materials of quartz stone slabs are mainly quartz sand and resin. The raw materials can be divided into three types: ordinary sand, refined sand and high-purity sand.

- Ordinary quartz sand: Large particles in appearance, yellow skin encapsulated on the surface, refractoriness 1750℃. The price is about 700 RMB/ ton.

- Refined quartz sand: It is made of high-quality ore. The particle size ranges from 5 to 480 meshes, and the price is around 1,000 RMB/ton.

- High-purity quartz sand: It is made of natural crystal stones and high-quality natural stones, carefully selected and finely processed, and the price is as high as 2000 RMB/ton.

Thus it can be seen that different grades of quartz sand directly affect the engineered stone price.

Final words

As referenced beforehand, quartz countertops price per square foot is decided by many factors which should be taken into consideration before heading to the best place to buy quartz countertops. No matter where to buy quartz countertops, UNISUN STONE will be your best option for your projects.