Quartz Kitchen Countertop
Quartz Kitchen Countertop
Quartz Kitchen Countertop
Кварцов кухненски плот

Изкуствен мраморен каменен басейн Arabescato, който се състои от фино натрошен гранит и цимент, внимателно се смесва с машини в пропорции три към едно и се излива във форми с необходимата форма.

Подробности за продукта Обратна връзка сега

Кварцов кухненски плот

Изкуствен мраморен каменен басейн Arabescato, който се състои от фино натрошен гранит и цимент, carefully mixed by machinery in the proportions of three to one and cast in molds of the required shape.When the blocks are set hard the molds are loosened and the blocks placed in a solution of silicate of soda for about two weeks for the purpose of indurating and hardening them.

Описания на продукти

Име на продукта Изкуствен мраморен каменен басейн Arabescato
Material Artificial Marble, Engineered Stone
Дебелина 14-50мм
повърхност Полиран, Отточена, Пламнала, Bush Hammer, и т.н
Размер на плочата 2400x1600mm, 2700x1800mm, 3200x1600mm
Sample Available
Application Bathroom Countertop, Vanity top, Bathroom Basin, и т.н

High Quality

We always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. They meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in ISO9001, ISO14000:14001, SGS guidelines and our stringent quality control system.

Относно Unisun Stone

Founded in 2006, UnisunStone is one of the large comprehensive enterprise group, business covers stone mining, research and development, Artificial Marble production, sales and service.

Unisun Stone owns mines, research and development centers and branches in GUANGZHOU, YUNFU, HEYUAN, и т.н. Unisun Stone Concentrates on Artificial Marble stones production, processing and supporting for large-scale projects.

Опаковане и товарене на продукта

For Arabescato Artificial Marble Stone Basin Packing: packed with foamed plastics, then packed in fumigated wooden crates, reinforced with metal strapesoutside.


1.Does it easy yellowing?

The anti-yellowing technology is industry-leading. Slow down the speed of yellowing.

2.Каква е гаранцията?

10 Години ограничена гаранция Високо качество.

3.Does it with color differences?

Can guarantee no color differences in the same order.

4.How about the Inspection?

Inspecting 5 times, also we accept all inspection.

5.Can you provide small samples?

да. Provide free samples for testing the quality.

6.Do you have any certificates?

да. CE, UV, BCC, ISO9001, TUV, SGS, BV.

7.How many years you do you in this field?

With 12 years manufacturer experience.

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