Italy Grey Artificial Marble Slab
Italy Grey Artificial Marble Slab
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Product Introductions

商品名 イタリアグレー人工大理石スラブ
素材 人工石, 人工大理石
表面 洗練された, 研ぎ澄まされた, 炎上, や。。など
厚さ 16んん, 18んん, 20んん, 30んん, 50んん, や。。など
サイズ 2400mmX1600mm, 2700mmX1800mm, 3200mmX1600mm
サンプル 利用可能
応用 Floor, カウンター, タイル, バニティトップ, 背景の壁, や。。など


Hezhou Unisunstone is the leading supplier and manufacturer of natural marble stone, granite, engineered stone and quartz stone surfaces with the most advanced, environmental

factory in China,our Unisunstone product line is ideally suited for all kind of decoration and building for slabs, 床, 壁, paving, tops, 階段, window sills, swimming pools, and other

surfaces throughout various buildings.

Our Advantages

1, 我々はより多くを持っています 15 years production experience, professional knowledge for the construction stone and in exporting business.

2, Advanced machine tools and qualified person.

3, We can supply you any colors of artificial marble, marble, artificial quartz, and quartz.

4, 独自のCADデザイナー, 任意のデザイン, 形, サイズが利用可能です.

5, Strict quality control. All pieces will be double checked by our inspectors. Clear pictures will be offered to you before packing. And as located in stone origin, we could control quality better.