• How to deal with mildew on the surface of light-colored marble stone

    In modern home decoration, although some styles do not use marble stone widely, there are a few places that will definitely be used, that is, our kitchen and bathroom. However, compared to other spaces, the kitchen and bathroom space has been in a relatively humid environment for a long time.…
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  • How to quickly clean up yellow bathroom artificial marble tiles?

    The bathroom is frequently used at home. After a long time of use, the bathroom artificial marble tiles are easy to turn yellow. This is mostly caused by improper cleaning or long-term uncleaning. This will not only affect the aesthetics of the tiles but also easily breed bacteria. Will pollute…
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  • Techniques and methods of artificial marble stone repair

    The defect surfaces, holes, joints, and cracks of artificial marble stone are the problems that arise after the long-term use of marble and various stones. Experts explained that in order to repair these problems professionally, professional technical means must be carried out. Repair the defect surface After long-term use…
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  • Unisun Stone: The best place to buy quartz countertops

    Quartz stone supplier, Quartz countertops for sale People have their own preferences regarding the choice of countertop, that’s man made quartz countertop. The main reason is that manufactured quartz countertop has the virtue of high cost performance, wear resistance and affordable price. Engineered stone manufacturers are redoubling efforts to make the best quartz…
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